See what Michelle's clients say about the fundamental life changes they have been able to make...


"My work with Michelle has been a life changing experience...

I was at the point in my life where I thought the negative emotions I was carrying around with me would just be part of who I was for the rest of my life. I took a chance and decided to meet with Michelle not knowing what she could offer or what the outcome would be, but I thought 'anything has got to be better than what I'm feeling.' 

Michelle is the kindest warmest soul I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. I felt comfortable with her within the first five minutes of talking. She listened, didn’t judge, cried with me, and made me feel like I was worth something again. She offered explanations, gave guidance and even provided resources. 

I have met with her several times since and I can honestly say she has changed my life. I am absolutely blessed to have crossed paths with her. She has taught me so much spiritually, I use her guidance everyday. Thank you Michelle…. You are truly an angel."  

   - Debbie P, Tucson AZ


"I had my first angel reading with Michelle in the fall of 2010.  I had been a long time victim and suffered from situational depression due to childhood trauma. 

She was the first person ever in my life to offer me any insight of hope.  Michelle’s approach to spirituality is gentle, non-biased, and loving.  Her intuition is accurate and to the point with high regard for her client.  She is capable of delivering messages from the  angels in such a way, that I always feel refreshed and energized after being in her presence. 

Michelle and I have grown to become very close friends, alongside the fact that she has remained my personal guide.  She is a very beautiful and welcoming soul, she has never turned me away, especially during some of my darkest hours. 

Over the course of the last three years, I have completed intensive therapy with a certified MSW therapist, and I have earned my first college degree since graduating from high school 18 years ago. 

I feel indebted to offer all of my successes to the initial angel reading that I received from Michelle.  I am no longer pained by traumas from my past nor do I live in anxiety about the future. 

My regards for Michelle are truly heartfelt and words cannot express the faith that I have in her work.  In my opinion, Michelle is an angel and one of the brightest and loving souls you will ever meet.  

- Bea M, Vail AZ


"I've known Michelle for almost ten years now. I met her first on a professional level, and immediately knew she was a very special person.

Little did I know she would have such a major and profound effect on my spiritual, mental, emotional and professional lives. She has been instrumental in helping me to deal with my relationships in a much healthier, meaningful way. To connect and reconnect in a more authentic manner.

I love to call her my spiritual advisor and life coach - she has always been there when I've needed help - with incredible insight, knowledge, guidance and direction. She has really helped me to to develop the tools to navigate life on my own, in more loving and healthy way.

Michelle helped me to uncover - and overcome - some extremely deep-seated and dark wounds from my past.

I seriously don't know how I would have made it without her. I cannot begin to thank her enough. She's truly been a blessing."    

- Perry K, Valencia CA



"Michelle has been a great inspiration to me over the years. I've struggled with depression most of my life and have seen many different people over the years to try and get help. Nothing has helped. A couple summers ago, I overdosed on various pills. I ended up in the intensive care unit and stayed in the pediatric psych unit for two months. My mother introduced me to Michelle while I was in the hospital. She seemed like she genuinely cared and explained a lot about how I was feeling and that she could help me. I wasn't ready for change and I told her that. After that she didn't push, or tell me I was wrong. That was the first time somebody seemed so real with me. She didn't throw a diagnosis or medication at me. (Like everyone before me had) I got sent to a PMIC afterwards and stayed there for 8 months. Somewhere along the way I finally began working with Michelle, and we talked on the phone every week. She's always been there for me and has helped me learn and heal so much!!  If it wasn't for her, I might still be suicidal and living in a hospital."

- Ivy in Iowa



"I have been working with Michelle for almost 2 years. I can honestly say, I don’t know where we would be without her. I entrusted her with the most precious thing in my world- my children! The first time I called her, she immediately stopped what she was doing, and spent the next 2hrs on the phone, listening to me sob.

Her heart never ceases to amaze me. Her vast knowledge of the way spirituality, psychology, and physicality are all innertwined & work hand in hand, are spot on! She has given each of us tools on how we can move into a brighter future. She has taught us how we have gotten where we are at and why. Also teaching us the things we need to do to heal from our past.

Michelle has been an absolute Godsend to my family! My girls turn to her, much like they look to me. They find comfort in venting to her, asking her questions, and sometimes, just simply listening to her! She is genuinely a wonderful woman! How many counselors/therapists, can you say would answer your calls @ 3am?  That comes from a place of love…from God… from someone who truly wants to educate & help people. I am so grateful for my teacher, healer, & friend.

Michelle has a heart for healing, helping, loving, and teaching, that can be felt through her every breath! There aren’t enough human beings like this… but through her efforts… we will be shaping a new world- one ripple at a time"

- Shaun, Iowa


Michelle Mann is truly one of the most loving women I know, and just to be in her presence softens me.  I trust her completely because her integrity and character command it; she makes a concerted effort to remain humble, letting spirit - not ego - lead her, especially with her clientele....which I wholly appreciate and respect.  You will find a consistency within her message is both refreshing and accessible.  I am absolutely comfortable saying - in matters regarding my own personal spiritual direction and pursuits - I regularly seek Michelle's insight and connect....and if you feel at a crossroads, or a particular loss of some might consider connecting with her too - I am confident you will be as happy with your experience(s) , as I have been with mine!

                                                                                                                                                         - P.J.  Tucson



 Michelle is one of the most loving and giving people  I know.  This is what I have experienced and believe about Michelle - her way of healing is special in how she speaks to someone, always so positive and in a caring way.   She does it so naturally;  " What you see is what you get".  She has a way of healing with her words like no other person I know or have met.  She is truly an awesome healer.

                                                                                                                                                        ~ Ed Aguilar, Soaring Eagle