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What is Authentic Choices - Pathways to Wholeness?

It's a process of finding all those little pieces of ourselves that we have lost or misplaced along the way. This can be caused from trauma, choices, events, and even past-life experiences we have carried into this life to heal and let go of.

There are many healing modalities out there-choose the one that feels right for you. The one you feel safe with and know that you are going to be able to be real with so that the changes you are seeking may take place. My work is based from very simple techniques that have worked for me,  I have organized them into 4 simple stages - EMPTY, FILL, BALANCE and LIVE.   My connection with God and Archangel Michael as well as Eastern and Western Shamanism is what has led me to find wholeness and clarity in my own life which I continue to apply every day.  We are ALL here to learn and heal parts of ourselves and therefore we are ALL on the journey of self love and expression. 

We are ALL connected to each other and ALL that exists - what separates us is the CHOICES we make.  By choosing to live in Gratitude, Forgiveness and  Unconditional Love we find WHOLENESS.  We are ALL magnificent and Beautiful pieces of God/Divine, and we ALL have a purpose here - no matter what are past or our CHOICES have been. Once we realize this, and accept it we can CHOOSE to live a more Whole and Authentic Life.  We have the ability to CHOOSE to Heal and Forgive and most importantly move from a place of LOVE.  

My past is my Gift - I have endured many ups and downs that began at the age of 18 months old.  I have endured and survived many hardships ranging from molestation, sexual abuse, rape, failures, addiction, abusive relationships, illnesses, losses, abandonment, depression, not speaking my truth, and allowing myself to be led in directions that not only hurt me, but others - all from the place of fear.  Fear of myself and my worthiness to receive.  Thru learning to find gratitude in the darkest of my life experiences to opening and choosing forgiveness - not only for those that harmed me but for myself.  This choice began to open me up to heal and find the unconditional love and the walk back into wholeness that I was longing for.  Every day I make the choice to choose Love over Fear.  I fail someday's and slip back into old habits but I now have the tools to choose to get back on track that I once did not and I always emerge a little higher than when I fell in..........  

I humbly give thanks to God, Archangel Michael, and all the angels who have blessed and held me along the way.  I give thanks to  Jesus, Mother Mary, Buddha, my mom and dad, and all those teachers/family/friends/strangers that have guided and shown me love and acceptance along the way.  I would have been lost without your love and support.   I also give thanks to all those that have shunned, hurt, or left me as each one of these beautiful energies have helped me to heal, grow and have taught me how to make better Choices and how to love myself despite my past............


Namaste , Blessings and Love,