How Can An Angel Card Reading Help You on Your Path?


"I feel indebted to offer all of my successes to the initial angel reading that I received from Michelle. I am no longer pained by traumas from my past nor do I live in anxiety about the future."     Bea, Vail Az


Like many people, you may feel confused or even a little lost with the direction of your life. 

Feel like you are going down the wrong road, or not sure which way to go?

An Angel Card Intuitive Reading with Michelle will not tell you what to do, but, as many have found, it will illuminate your options, your choices, and help you get back in control of your life. Everything is about choices.


While every session is unique, the general flow ensures that:

  • Michelle will work with you, helping you access your higher self, to clarify exactly what you are looking to get out of the session and what questions you are seeking answers to.
  • Michelle will open up to God and the angels and allow flow to pull the card appropriate for you.
  • Michelle will help you understand how to interpret the results, and help you to understand the deeper meanings of the messages which come through for you.
  • You will end with clear answers and direction in your life, along with action steps strategized by both you and Michelle to move forward and break through any barriers!

In short, a session with Michelle will give you space and clarity to make clean and authentic choices, leaving you empowered to live the life you want and deserve.

You'll understand quickly how even just one session with Michelle can catapult you forward in your life!

Michelle believes her early life was full of trauma and challenges so that she would be able to help others overcome their personal demons, whatever they might be. She has helped many people overcome hurt from sexual assault, eating disorders, addiction, violence and other life challenges. 

If you are even a little interested in talking with Michelle, or finding out if she is someone who can help you - please don't worry nor stress, simply send her an email:  Michelle does ask for an exchange for her work, there is NO Charge for a quick, initial consultation.


  • Mini and Email Reading:     $35.00 
  • Full Reading:                          $90.00


Your life is important - YOU are important - Contact her, and let's get to work on moving you into a better and more connected life experience.

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