Clear choices, Clear Space is a service offered to help those who have any type of Negative Energies around them. This can be within your home, office, vehicle or yourself.

Have you ever walked into a room and felt a coldness that shouldn't be there?  Or felt uncomfortable when there was no need? Or just had a really bad feeling that comes out of no where?

Maybe you just moved into a new home and there is a tension within your family that is not explainable?  Or you could possibly be "seeing" , "hearing" or things could just start "falling" or "moving" with no explanation?

These things can all be caused by Negative Energies that can range from deaths, suicides, murders or even physical objects that may have "stuff" connected to them that need to be cleared and cleaned.  You may also be experiencing these things based on beliefs, lack of clarity in choices or something that may need to be healed and released within you.

Between my partners and I, we have over 20 years experience in cleaning and blessing properties, vehicles, businesses and souls.  We have trained in traditional ways and with non-traditional healers in a variety of spiritual practices from America, Europe and Japan.

We DO NOT investigate - WE REMOVE.

We offer simple skills to empower you to clean and maintain your own space.

ALL spiritual training and services offered are in alignment with GOD & The Light - We DO NOT take free will.


FEE:  Based on individual situation 



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